The little freak poem.

The silence of the night

Reminds me of the deep thoughts running through my head

The betrayal,

The laughter,

The hate,

I am a joke to everyone.

Tears welled up in my eyes as fast as I could say FREAK!

People are afraid of me,

I’m chained up like a dog.

I wish I was dead,

Why was I born this way?

     By Lowan Woolford.

Little Freak

Little Freak

No future,

No hope,

No life.

The wind howling in my head like wolves yelling at the moons

No body believing in me.


The rain hitting down on the caravan,

Bouncing off at the side,

The storm shouting down at me.


My face,

Is it all just a joke?

I try to break free, to be one of them,

I can give much more,

If they can see how much I’m worth

But I’m trapped in this life,

This is who I am,

Will I be like this forever?

Who knows?

I am more than a freak,

I have hope in myself,

One day I will carve myself a path.



By Maya Gallimore